HB 1089 – ballot questions

Rep. Lois Court is a huge fan of ballot initiative reforms, and I’m right there with her on this topic.  This year we’re sponsoring HB 1089 to continue to de-mystify the initiative process for Colorado voters.  It’s a simple bill that will help make clear the choices people have when casting their ballot for or against initiatives.

For or against is the key.  HB 1089 will add these words to the ballot to make clear that voting YES is for changing the law and voting NO is against changing the law.  The ballot will be labeled “Yes/For” and “No/Against.”

Seem simple?  You’d be surprised how many people say this confuses them.

To make it even more clear, the ballot question itself will describe the measure as “a change to the Colorado Revised Statutes” or “an amendment to the Colorado Constitution.”  Again, a little more clarity in this area can’t hurt.  A couple of years ago Rep. Court sponsored a bill that changed the terminology we use for ballot initiatives to call statutory measures “propositions” and constitutional changes “amendments.”  This little addition to the ballot question language makes it even easier to understand.


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