15 Bills I Passed in 2015

  It’s my annual legislative highlights, now with 15 on the list!  Short descriptions with links to the full text and other materials on some of the more notable bills, these are the best and the brightest of my accomplishments this year: 1.  HB 1367 – Prop AA Marijuana Tax Refund Places Proposition BB on the […]

Gov. Hickenlooper Signs FY 2015-16 Budget

On April 24, 2015, the Joint Budget Committee and legislative leadership gathered in the Governor’s office to witness his signature on the annual “Long Bill.”  With one stroke of a pen (actually, several strokes using several pens, helped by a long surname) over $26 billion in spending by state government entities was authorized in the […]

Joint Budget Committee

On November 15, 2014 my colleagues in the Senate Democratic Caucus elected me to serve on the Joint Budget Committee for the 70th General Assembly.  These will be my fifth and sixth years serving on the JBC, and my last in the legislature. Each year I’ve served on the JBC a different person has been […]

Vote NO on the Amendments

In a pleasant departure from recent elections, this year there are only two proposals on the statewide ballot to amend the Colorado Constitution.  I’m opposed to both of them. Amendment 67 is another run at the so-called “Personhood” amendment.  Voters have overwhelmingly rejected it twice before, and in 2012 the petition drive to place it […]

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